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After using MyMailCrate for a few weeks, I could never imagine giving it up!  MyMailCrate allows me to check my mail from my car and I don't have to worry about my mail falling on the ground. 

Christine J

I live on a very busy street and it is sometimes difficult and hazardous to step into the street to access my mailbox.  Thanks to MyMailCrate, I can get my mail anytime I want to without stepping into the street.  I just stand on my grass beside my mailbox, open the door, slide out MyMailCrate, and grab my mail.

Tom S

I'm in a wheelchair and retrieving my mail has always been an issue.  I either had to depend on someone else to get my mail or I had to struggle to get the mail myself and sometimes left mail in the back of my mailbox because I could not reach it.  Now that I have MyMailCrate, I can always get my own mail.  Even the stuff in the back of the mailbox!


The township plowed my street and made it difficult for me to reach my mailbox.  Fortunately, MyMailCrate allowed me to simply slide my mail out of mailbox into reach.  And, no longer do I have to worry about not being about to reach the mail in the back of the mailbox.  Thanks MyMailCrate!

JoAnn R

I have always dreaded sticking my hand into my dark mailbox due to potential bugs and moisture.  I no longer worry about bugs because MyMailCrate slides mail out of my mailbox to allow me to see the mail before I retrieve it. 

Alice G

MyMailCrate is a fantastic invention and make getting my mail fun.  I can't believe every mailbox doesn't come with a MyMailCrate.

Carlos V